About National Welding Corporation

National Welding Corporation has provided high production field welding and fitting services on a variety of projects across the United States including:

·         Water Pipelines

·         Penstocks

·         Tunnel Liner Installations

·         Water-Treatment Plants

·         Seismic Bridge Upgrades

·         Bridges

·         Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs)

·         Pilings

Remove welding from the critical path. Most projects performed by National remove welding from the contractor’s critical path so the contractor can focus their efforts on the more lucrative portions of the work.  National has taken production welding practices to the field using custom designed welding trucks, trailers and rigging equipment. We have performed production welding services from Boston MA to Anchorage Alaska, from tunnel work 450' underground to bridge work 120' above ground. We appreciate challenges and strive to meet your needs.

National’s purpose is to relieve the contractor’s burden to hire, test and manage welders in addition to understanding the welding codes, equipment and operations. Our crews are well seasoned and come equipped for the project. We will assist in determining the best means and methods to maximize an efficient operation.  There are few construction segments which justify a company to setup a full time welding capability and in doing so the company often finds itself creating work for these crews during non-welding periods or after project completion.

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Our History

National Welding Corporation was founded in 1997 by Nash Williams. Nash Williams currently serves as President of National Welding Corporation and chairman of American Water Works Association standards for Field Welding of Steel Water Pipe (C206) and Installation of Steel Water Pipe (C604). Nash also serves as chairman of the Welding Chapter, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for “Steel Penstocks” Manual and Reports on Engineering Practice No. 79.


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Employment Opportunities

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Our Mission

We provide high production contract field welding services to the construction industry across the United States.

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